Systems Integration, Revolutionized

Modeled after agile software development, Ship in Six breaks down complex, long-term projects into achievable, incremental steps — where challenges are addressed individually and sequentially. Each sprint is a six-week commitment — with an engineering team and flexible scope configured specifically to produce a shippable, finished version of the product or feature in the short-term. The result is a higher success rate, greater cost efficiency, and revolutionary machine outcomes.


Why Ship in Six

Fixed-bid contracts often result in overblown but incorrect specs, unnecessarily large safety nets, and assumptive solutions that shoehorn into the original budget — or worse, endless change orders that offer little flexibility to innovate. Instead, the six-week sprint completely changes the way we approach our work, greatly reducing the cost and risk of each step. Each sprint commits a fixed number of engineering weeks against a flexible, best-effort scope. What does that mean for you?

  • A shippable version of the product or feature in the near-immediate future
  • Reduced barrier to entry
  • Predictable cost, with low risk of scope creep
  • Greater efficiency in time, energy, and investment
  • More innovative and revolutionary machine outcomes

Experts in Integration & Development

State-of-the-art solutions depend on the best components. At Ship in Six, we’re proud to partner with industry-leading providers of revolutionary technology, because we believe powerful ideas shouldn’t be limited by hardware constraints. Our engineering services include development for systems using ABB, B&R, Boston Dynamics, and Beckhoff — including training, concept development, or Ship in Six style engagements.


Our mission is Revolution

Ship in Six is brought to you by the bright minds at Loupe — a company on a mission to revolutionize automation and robotics. We work collaboratively with our partners to turn visions of machines into realities, identifying improvements and new opportunities at every stage.

With breakthrough ideas we empower our people and our clients to be extraordinary. We seek the revolutionary in everything we do.

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